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Panda aids Panda aids

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Left turn.... Now!

Hey buddy,

I had to drop you a quick note after hearing this 'un. I was constantly surprised by this track on first listen. It sounded full from the off and then you just kept adding and building and I had no idea when things were going to come in. Completely bewildering in a brilliant way!

I tried humming it but it's all so catchy that I had to try humming everything at once. It came out like a massive sneeze and now my keyboard is covered in spit.

Pugilator Pugilator

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool structure!

I really like the journey this track takes you on. Definitely reminds me of sci-fi!

Sfapil 2 has it down I think. I suspect you've used an FM synth on the bass... And if not, then a few of your oscillators are downtuned or something. It would sound brilliant if it sweetened up in some sections and then you had your weird harmonic thing going on later as an effect. It just sounds a little discomforting all the way through and does disturb the beautifulness going on elsewhere.

Excellent effort! /fav!

RunningShadows responds:

Thank you sir! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your input.

~SW~ Depth Charge ~SW~ Depth Charge

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good work

Really enjoyed listening to this. Very glad to hear someone making something other than dance music on here! You really have an awesome pallet of sounds but I do think there are still some mixing issues. You're nearly there dude but some of the synths are a little shrill. There's also a realy lack of focus towards the end of the song, you seem to lose your hook! I would have loved to hear that come in again and maybe shave a minute of the arpeggiated section off.

Overall though, fantastic effort. I enjoyed it! Keep experimenting.

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SkyeWint responds:

Hmm. Glad you enjoyed it - this took quite a bit to make. Now, to address your problems...

Shrill synths? I can only think of one part that had a "shrill" sound, and that's right after the second main section transitioning to the "chorus" (the part with the bell-like sounds). That part had a bit of shrillness, but I had dulled that down. Does your sound system have the treble turned up? That could be part of it, as I've listened to this on laptop speakers, studio headphones, three kinds of ear buds, two different car speakers, and a few other kinds of speakers, and I haven't had this problem as long as the treble isn't turned up.

For the lack of focus towards the end, I'd assume you mean the part where it simply cuts to the guitar. That's mainly to transition to the ending. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a "hook", but... Oh well.

Glad you enjoyed it overall, and though I may not agree with part of what you're saying, I do understand about some of it, and I'll try to fix my music up more in the future.


(Also, if you could possibly PM me about what you meant by a "hook", that would be awesome.)